Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it SNOW!!!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!


So the weather lately has been crazy! Monday it was 60 degrees outside and then Tuesday it started to flurry. It’s like the weather can’t make up its mind if it’s going to be fall or winter! But with the flurries on Tuesday, it put me into a snowy mood. I’m ready for snow and all the fun that comes with it!

The view of campus from DCOM

The view of campus from DCOM

I come from a town where we normally get about an inch of snow throughout the entire winter. Don’t get me wrong, we get plenty of ice on the roads and it gets really cold. But we are lucky if we see some snow! My first winter at LMU (which was last year), we got so much snow! It was the most I had ever seen! My friends and I had so much fun and I can’t wait for it to snow again. Some people like to stay inside because they don’t like the cold, but some people like to go out and play and make the most of it. I’m one of those people that likes to go out and play in the snow!

About to go down DCOM Hill.

About to go down DCOM Hill.



Last year I went sledding for the first time! We had a little saucer sled and we borrowed one of our friend’s body sleds. Let me just say that was the most fun I had ever had! We were outside for hours, and would sled down the giant hills on campus and then trudge our way all the way back up the hill. There were so many people up on the hills sledding. Just seeing all the different things people tried to use sledding was hilarious. It was also fun seeing who went the farthest and also who had the biggest crash. My roommate and I had the bright idea to go down the hill together, but that I would be on my stomach on the body sled and she would be sitting on the saucer sled holding on to my feet. It went well the first three or four trips down, actually, but one time the nose of the body sled got stuck in the snow throwing both of us into the air and when she landed, she rolled over top of me. Needless to say, we were both bruised and sore the next day, but it was all a blast!

Summer and I about to start sledding!

Summer and I about to start sledding!

Not only did we sled, but we tried to build a giant snow man; the bottom snow ball for the snowman got so big that we weren’t be able to put another snow ball on top so we just pushed it down the hill, instead. Then we filled a whole plastic container with snow balls and launched a surprise snowball attack on some friends! Classes were canceled that day, due to snow, which meant there were plenty of unsuspecting friends to attack. Now, just because classes got canceled didn’t mean that everything was canceled; athletes still had practice and conditioning. That’s the thing about being a college athlete; no matter what the weather’s like, you are still going to be working out and improving for your season. Last year our coach got a snow blower to clear off the tennis courts so we could practice, even though there was snow on the ground all around the courts.

After a long day of sledding we always come back in and make hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies! (My favorite Christmas movie is Elf.) We would just hang out like a big family and get warmed back up from being frozen.

I’m so excited to see how much snow we get this year, and to get back out on the hills and go sledding. I can’t wait to spend all that fun time with my friends again. And just so you know, this campus is just as beautiful covered in snow as any other season!

Follow my blog and leave comments about what you like to do in the snow and during winter for fun!

About to make our sneak attack!

The view of campus from DCOM


Ghosts, Goblins, and Railsplitters!

the dunkin' donuts and the evil minions

the dunkin’ donuts and the evil minions

Minions: the good and the bad

Minions: the good and the bad


So since I’ve been back from fall break, I’ve really been just amazed at the beauty of the campus and community in the fall! October is when it actually starts feeling like fall, the leaves change colors, the air gets crisp, and everyone starts decorating with pumpkins and hay. Here at LMU though, I believe fall is the most beautiful season out of them all. It also happens to be the most festive!

With Halloween being Thursday, this past week has been nonstop Halloween fun! The Gammas opened up their haunted forest, the honors program had a Halloween party, the hill had a Halloween themed service, and there was trunk-or-treat Thursday afternoon. Not to mention the Halloween themed meal in the café Thursday night.

I’m going to tell y’all about some of the activities that I got to participate in and show you just how much fun you can have on campus during Halloween week!

My dunkin' donut costume!

My dunkin’ donut costume!

So on Monday night we had the Honors Program’s Halloween Party! This was open to the entire campus. It was, of course, a costume party and believe me when I say that everyone went all out when it came to their costumes! We had minions (the good and the bad), we had cats, we had dunkin’ donuts, and many other great costumes! We had music going in the back ground, games set up to play, and some amazing snacks that were made by the Honors program students themselves. It was a great time to hangout with friends, make new friends, and just have a great time. If you missed this party you really missed out, because you know us nerds know how to party it up!



Taco eating contest at the Hill

Taco eating contest at the Hill

Tuesday night was the Hill’s Halloween service, or as it was so cleverly named “Hilloween”! Everyone came to the chapel in their costumes and the chapel was all decked out in spider webs and streamers and lights! We had a taco eating contest and a dancing contest where the winners got gift cards, while everyone else got a good laugh out of it! Caleb gave a sermon on “Life suckers” and made references to the television show The Walking Dead! It was a fantastic time of hanging out with friends and learning about the Lord!

Thursday was HALLOWEEN! This year the school held “Halloween Havoc” at Tex Turner. There was pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, and then the men and women’s basketball teams scrimmaged.The cheer and dance teams performed between the scrimmages. It was a great time to dress up, hangout with friends, and start getting ready for basketball season. They also had a Halloween costume contest where the winners were a good and bad minion couple.

Halloween also just puts people in the mood to hangout with friends and watch scary movies. There were marathons of scary movies like Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Freddy vs. Jason. You could also run out to a RedBox or somewhere else to rent movies. My friends and I decided on The Purge. Turning off all the lights in the dorm and watching a scary movie at night on Halloween is the perfect way to end the week of fun!

I love Halloween! It’s fun getting dressed up and eating candy. But my favorite part about this past week was getting to spend more time hanging out with my friends and watching movies! I loved the thrill of not knowing what was going to happen next and then jumping and screaming so loud you wake your roommates up. Then trying to go to bed after watching that and you are so jumpy that any little noisy scares you. But the fact that you went through the movie with your close friends and they were just as scared as you were makes it all better!

Halloween is such a fun holiday, and spending it on campus is a blast!

Follow me to find out about more fun activities on this awesome campus, and I hope your Halloween was as fun filled as mine!

Sisters in Christ with Abe at Halloween Havoc

Sisters in Christ with Abe at Halloween Havoc

Diary of a Busy Girl!

I’ve mentioned before that I have a busy schedule. From tennis practice and tennis matches and tournaments, to actual classes, to homework, speeches, projects, and papers, to the different clubs and organizations that I am involved in, it’s hard to find time to rest and relax from all the stress, let alone to clean. So, I’m going to give you guys some quick cleaning tips and some tips on how to keep it clean so it does not get super bad and messy very quick.



#1: Cleaning supplies:

Cleaning supplies are one of those things where you are just, like, “DUH! Of course we need those!” But what exactly do you need? Don’t just grab every kind of supply from the cleaning isle at Wal-Mart. That would be a waste of money and you would not use half of the stuff anyways. Some things that Summer and I have found useful are: Broom and dust pan, Swiffer mop, vacuum (if you don’t have a lot of time to sweep this comes in handy), toilet bowl cleaner, disinfecting wipes, air freshening spray, dish soap, and a sponge.

Now, these are the obvious things. (Well, maybe not the vacuum since the floors are tile, but it makes it a lot quicker to clean up the floors and it actually works on the tile floors.)

#2 Actually using them!

It’s not enough to just buy the cleaning supplies. You have to actually use them! Find time to do a legitimate cleaning session at least once a week or else your room is going to NASTY! Last year Summer brought a Swiffer mop up and we used it maybe 3 times the entire year. Needless to say each time we mopped we had to change the little mop pad like 3 or 4 times because they were so nasty!

#3 Don’t leave trash sitting around!

If you go out to eat and bring it back or eat a snack in your room, throw the trash away as soon as possible! If you have a cup from a fast food restaurant sitting next to your bed, there is a good chance you are going to knock it off and create a bigger mess and spill. One time my roommate and I had went to McDonald’s for a late night study snack, when we had got done eating we threw our trash away but left our drinks sitting on our desks. Well our books piled up and blocked the cups from  view for probably about a week, when we found them and poured them out it had molded on the inside of the cup. Needless to say we made sure to throw our cups away as soon as we were done with them from now on! If you leave left offer snacks or wrappers in your room, it will get cluttery and, depending on the food, stinky. One time Summer had a fruit cup from the coffee shop on campus, she threw out the fruits that she didn’t like into the trash can in our room. Then, like a week later our room started to stink, so we extreme cleaned it, Febreezed it, and still couldn’t figure out why it stunk so bad. Lets just say when we figured it out we had to throw her trash can out.

#4 Throw dirty clothes in your hamper, not on the floor!

I know it can be a bad habit. You get back from class and you are changing quickly for practice (or vice versa) and you just change clothes and go, leaving your clothes in the floor. How much extra time is it really going to take to just throw your dirty clothes into the basket? I am very bad at this, I get in such a hurry and I think, “Oh, it’s going to take up to much time. I’ll get them later!” But will I really? Most of the time the answer is no. I get in too big of a hurry and just leave them lying around. Another thing that is a bad habit with the dirty clothes is that each time you change clothes you put a different outfit on. I am terrible about this! I’ll wear sweats to my 8 o’clock class, come back, change into jeans and a different shirt for my 11 o’clock class, come back and change for practice and then change into some other clothes for my 4 o’clock class. Now most of these clothes are not dirty, the practice clothes are of course, but the ones I wore for like an hour aren’t. Fold them back up wear them one more time and then put them in the dirty clothes pile. See part of the problem is now solved!

#5 DISHES!!!

Dirty Dishes Galore! Most of these are Summer's and mine from the past 2 days!

Dirty Dishes Galore! Most of these are Summer’s and mine from the past 2 days!

This is another thing I have a problem with. I eat my food while I’m studying, put my dish in the sink and say I’ll clean it when I get done studying. This normally doesn’t happen, though. My suggestion so that the dishes don’t get backed up is to at least clean them after you eat, and put them in the drying rack. That’s the best way to remember to wash them. If not, then at least take time to wash the dishes in the sink twice a week if they start piling up. One time Summer and I were in this cereal phase where we ate at least 2 or 3 bowls of cereal each per day. Needless to say if we left the bowls sitting in the sink for over a day with any little bit of milk left in them it started stinking bad!

#5 Complete Clean

Finally, you need to give your room a good legitimate, full clean! Meaning you sweep, Swiffer, dust, scrub, and wash everything in the room! This is good to make sure that nothing just cakes up and makes your room extra nasty. Summer and I normally time this around when we get an email that there is going to be room checks. That way no one thinks we are totally slobs. Even if that’s how our room looks most of the time.

The main point of this is to make sure that you do not let your room get so bad that it is almost unlivable. You do not want it to be so bad that you are embarrassed to have anyone over to hangout or even to just leave the door open. Take care of your room and don’t let it get into a big mess no matter how much of a big mess your schedule is. We had to learn the hard way about all this and even though we still aren’t the greatest our room is livable and smelling fresh! Be sure to follow my blog and leave comments on if this helped you, funny cleaning stories, or some more advice!

Maxed Out!

When stress gets you down, fight back!

When stress gets you down, fight back!

So with midterms coming up soon, I know we can all feel pretty stressed out. Personally I have been feeling MAXED OUT with stress from classes, sports, friends, family issues, and problems within the clubs I’m in. I’m one of those people that try to hide all of my stress and my problems from the rest of the world until it builds up so much that I have a complete breakdown. You all know what I’m talking about, where you feel like you just can’t do anything right so you have to just sit down and cry about it. I’ll be the first to admit where that happens to me quite a bit.

Now I’ve learned that when stressful times hit you, it does NOT help to hold it all in. Find a good friend and talk to them about it! That’s one good thing about good friends, they are there for you when you need them. Sometimes we have stressful things happening and we feel like we can’t talk to someone about it or if we do we will just blow up out of anger. This is when you need to find other ways to relieve your stress.

Last year my roommate and I became pretty good at relieving stress. Does this mean that we don’t still get stressed out? No! I still get stressed out all the time! It’s one of those things you can’t just ignore, stress is going to happen. I am a very happy person and I have yet to find a way to avoid stress. I’m going to give you all some advice, though, that my roommate and I came up with last year, and I hope they help you guys out as much as it’s helped us!

Continue reading

The Tough Road Ahead

So I mentioned on my Meet Erica page that I’m a nursing student. I know what most people think when they hear the words “nursing major”; they think blood, poop, needles, and YUCK! Well let me be the first person to tell you that, yes, all those things are a pretty accurate description of a nurse’s job. Even though you have to deal with all of the nasty parts of the job, and there are plenty of nasty parts, you get those moments with a patient that shows you that everything is worth it!

I got the chance my senior year in high school to take a clinical class and spend time working at a local nursing home. Now we had some not so fun jobs like cleaning up poop, changing diapers, putting in dentures, and a bunch of other stuff. Even though we had to do all that yucky stuff every day, those little moments when you get to sit down and talk to the patients and hear their stories made it all worth it. To know that spending that little bit of time with the patients and just seeing the smile on their face can brighten your day.

I want to specialize in pediatrics. This means that I want to work with children. I love working with children. They are fun to work around because even if they are going through a hard time or a bad illness, they still have a positive outlook and are always looking for something fun to do. I’ve volunteered at my church for 7 years in the AWANA’s program at my church running the games for children and helping them memorize their bible verses. In those 7 years, I have fallen in love with working for children, and I learned that was part of my calling- to do something to help children. I didn’t expect that I would learn so much from these children. Continue reading

It’s tennis time!

Like I said in my about me, I’m on the tennis team at LMU. So I guess that would put me under the title of “college athlete.”

Tennis’ fall season (yes in college tennis is year-round) is about to start with our first tournament on September 13. With practices, conditioning, and weightlifting, everything is underway and we are on the road to being champions. In the fall we start back soon after school starts back. We start with skill work (which is when coach is not allowed to put in a lot of input into the practice by NCAA rules so we, the players, are running practice).  We also start conditioning and going to the weight room. For conditioning we do a combination series of sprints and longer distance runs. On nice days we run on the road next to our courts and the tennis building (so if you’re driving by please don’t hit us!).

Some people say that, after golf, tennis is the next least physically active sport you can choose to play. Let me be the first to tell you that you are WRONG! Envision this: you’re out on the court, racquet in hand. You and your opponent have warmed up and you spin the racquet to see who serves first. At the start, you’re moving quickly on the court and hitting hard. You start making little mistakes though, so your opponent wins the first set (but it was still a close set). You get mad and make a comeback to win the second set. Well, now it’s about an hour and a half later and you still have another set to play. You don’t have a sub that can come in and take your place if you’re tired. So who has the better chance of winning the last set? The person that’s in the better shape does! If that’s you, you have the chance to run your opponent making them mess up more, or they could (but rarely in college tennis) just give up running after it. Continue reading

The Hill kickoff jam!

If you were walking around campus Tuesday night and heard cheering, laughter, singing, yelling, clapping, or loud music, then you were hearing the big Jesus party going on at the Hill! With over 50 students packed into the chapel cornered between Duke and Avery Hall you can bet you could hear us from a good distance away.the hill

The Hill is a non-affiliated Christian ministry on campus that was started by junior Caleb Arnold, a psychology major who started the ministry when he was just a freshman on campus. I started going to the Hill last year and became friends with Caleb and some of the other wonderful people who help out with the ministry. I got the chance to help out with a Christmas angel project that the Hill organized, and I got to learn and perform a sign language drama to the song “Now Behold the Lamb.” I stayed involved and kept going and this year I am able to help out with the Hill a lot.

Back to the kickoff jam, though! As you walked into the chapel you could hear music thumping and people were waiting at the front doors to greet you with smiling faces and open arms. There were free CDs, free snacks, free waters, and a t-shirt sign up sheet (t-shirts only cost $12) waiting for you as you as well as more tickets to enter into the drawing for an Amazon gift card if you hadn’t got one at lunch earlier that day. The worship group was able to buy a new drum set this summer which definitely amped up the worship session a lot, and Caleb bought himself a wireless microphone so he could move freely while speaking. The whole worship band did an amazing job, as always, starting off the night and getting the mood set for the sermon. Before the sermon started though, we had a couple of contests to declare winners! The first was for a free drawing for a $30 amazon gift card, the second contest was an Instagram “silliest selfie” contest and the winner received 25 Flex points that can be used at WOW Café or Campus Grounds. Then Caleb came out with a sermon titled “What God REALLY Looks Like: who’s your daddy?” where he explained how awesome God is and how much he loves us, and called out all of the misconceptions people have of God. For example, he mentioned how some people think God likes to just put restrictions on us and rain on our party when, really, all God wants is to free us from our chains! It was a very moving sermon; Caleb will have you laughing, crying (the good kind), and shouting “AMEN!” all in one sermon! He really knows how to interact and touch the students. We ended the kick off with an altar call and we had a student decide to follow Christ and accept him as his/her Lord and Savior which was cause for much more noise and celebration!worship

The kickoff was a big success! There were many new faces and some old faces, too. Having the house packed also increased the energy of the crowd. With every pew packed and at least 20 students sitting in the floor, there was plenty of energy and eagerness for Caleb to channel from the crowd into his sermon. There were arms raised, Amens yelled, and tears rolling down cheeks throughout the service.

I greatly recommend going and checking out the Hill one Tuesday night at 8pm. It is loads of fun and you feel like you are just hanging out with friends. I think it’s one of the great campus ministries that is working on seeing a change on this campus. The Hill is also doing men’s and women’s bible studies on Thursday nights. The men’s is at 8 in Pope 104 and the women’s is at 7 in DeBusk 1 202. It’s a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and learn more about God. The Hill has a Twitter and Instagram page both with the name @thehill514.

I would be glad to tell you more about the Hill if you would like to know more. Anyone on campus is more than welcome to come!